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I’ve just added OEmbed to for fun and profit. I’d not really looked into it until Dustin and Russ pointed out and I really like the idea although it seems a bit under done at the moment (You can only have ‘image’, ‘video’ or ‘rich’ as media types. What about audio?). I’ve been meaning to implement an embeddable player for for a long time so I decided to add them in.

The OEmbed endpoint is:{format}

It supports JSON, XML and JSON-P (if you provide a callback parameter to a json request). For example:

Returns this:

  "title":"Little mix of all the dubstep tunes I've been listening to lately: WRONG BEAT",
  "html":"<iframe allowtransparency='true' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' src='' style='width: 395px;  height: 65px; border: none;'></iframe>\n",

The HTML property contains a snippet of HTML that renders the player:

All very beta at the moment but give it a try. Also, check the short dubstep mix I did a while back. Will post a longer one soon.

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It looks very cool, I like it very much, I’ll add OEmbed to my site now. Thanks for share.

TomxTomx at 03.06.10 / 15PM

hey hey hey… It’s very nice player! Many thanks for share this post.

WerbeagenturWerbeagentur at 11.06.10 / 19PM

I like the embeded player, it’s very nice :D

Michael InternetagenturMichael Internetagentur at 27.06.10 / 22PM

Thanks a lot for adding the OEmbed. I will keep exploring this site, maybe there are more good stuff here.

fox newsfox news at 16.07.10 / 22PM

I will add this player in my website. Thanks for share it – it looks so nice

Denison HydraulicsDenison Hydraulics at 04.08.10 / 08AM

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