Low Pro for Prototype and Firefox 3.5

Just a quick note for those googling for a solution to this. Older versions of Low Pro for Protoype will be experiencing problems with behaviors in Firefox 3.5. This issue has been fixed so pick up the latest version from GitHub

An interesting upshot of this is that I found out something pretty nice which is kind of obvious but had never occurred to me before. If you create a function in a closure then that function can refer to itself because it has access to that closure’s variables. I normally use arguments.callee to get a reference to a function from within its body but there’s never really any need to do that:

(function() {
  var aFunction = function() {
    aFunction.thing = 47;


  alert(aFunction.thing); //=> 47;

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You can use the “named function expression” form (I just made that term up) to do what you want I think:

var foo = function bar() {
  // do stuff here.
  bar(); // recurse...

foo(); // will recurse.

Hsiu-Fan WangHsiu-Fan Wang at 02.07.09 / 12PM

Thanks for warning. I was googling about this problem, and your post just came in front of my browser.

Now my problem with low pro is fixed.


Daniel schultzDaniel schultz at 02.07.09 / 18PM

thanks Dan for keeping it up.. super stuff

anujithanujith at 10.07.09 / 04AM

great dan, you helped me!

ThorstenThorsten at 16.07.09 / 13PM

I noticed that adding dynamic content, like for example a link with class “remote” doesn’t work anymore. When I click on the link, it doesn’t act as a remote link, instead it acts as a regular html link and doesn’t execute ajax.

Any idea why that is?

It used to work fine before this update.

NashNash at 01.08.09 / 04AM


I also noticed that confirm onSuccess

don’t work on the new version.

IrinaIrina at 04.08.09 / 17PM

I can continue to have unobstrusive javascript! Thank you for your support!

Marco MastrodonatoMarco Mastrodonato at 05.08.09 / 08AM

Works OTB. Thanks.

B.KiddB.Kidd at 07.08.09 / 20PM

Irina, any luck regarding this?

Nash KabbaraNash Kabbara at 11.08.09 / 13PM

it works. thanks dan, thanks google.

Oto ArabalarOto Arabalar at 11.08.09 / 14PM

Great stuff, it works. Thank you for that Dan!

KaveKave at 25.08.09 / 09AM

It´s time to say Thank You to your support, it helped me a lot. I hope that you keep your effort up, Dan! Best Greets Marc

MarcMarc at 01.09.09 / 20PM

Nice tip, I will try it now. Thanks.

Bui Thi XuanBui Thi Xuan at 12.09.09 / 19PM

Hey, thanks for the tip, that did the trick!

Might I suggest adding a minor-revision number for this bugfix? When I first found this post, I compared the “LowPro.Version = ‘0.5’;” in the GitHub version against my “LowPro.Version = ‘0.5’;” in my production version and assumed we were already up to date. :)

JonathanJonathan at 21.09.09 / 15PM

Thank you for this post! This is going to save me some hassle!

DataflurryDataflurry at 22.09.09 / 20PM

You should add a new version number (like 0.5.1) to the code so that it tells those who only check version numbers that something has changed!

Keep up the great work!

AnlekAnlek at 23.09.09 / 20PM

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