Massive Robot launches

Well, it’s been a bloody long while again since I’ve posted here and I suppose you’ve all unsubscribed me now. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame you.

However, silence here does not mean that I’ve been sitting on my arse doing nothing. In fact, the reality is very much to the contrary. Loads of stuff has been going on but there are two new pieces of news. Firstly, I’ve renamed and rebranded my company. We are now Massive Robot and we are available for consultancy and development work so if you have anything in mind then please contact us. Joe has done the branding and it’s something I’m really pleased with.

Check the business cards…

Massive Robot Business Cards

Along with those is a new site and a T-shirt. The final and most important Massive Robot branding will be the kicks. I’m working on those at the moment.

This week launched, Massive Robot’s new service. The idea is simple – it’s like twitpic but for audio. Go to the site or use the API to upload your audio and you get a page with a short URL and a player for your followers to listen to it. This is just the start and we are working on a whole load of new features for it so follow @twaudio to keep up to date.

The build of has been an interesting and fun experience. I was able to use Twitter’s new OAuth based login process via twitter_auth which I’d recommend wholeheartedly for as a foundation for Twitter applications, although I have hacked to allow for both OAuth (for the site) and username/password based (for the API) authentication where normally you must choose one or the other. It also uses S3’s direct uploading facility via SWFUpload which was not easy to get going but has provided a really scalable system as the application stays completely out of the loop of the bulky upload process. I love the direction web development is moving in at the moment.

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Congratulations Dan!

Not everyone have unsubscribed yet ;-)

Morgan RoderickMorgan Roderick at 20.05.09 / 14PM

Funny thing :) I had just unsubscribed yesterday, and today a new post. Good thing I step by looking for link for the old lowpro, to add the link to lib of mine, witch is based on EventSelectors and lowpro Behavior :)

Radoslav StankovRadoslav Stankov at 20.05.09 / 20PM

Nice one, Dan!

I’ve gotta say, that Massive Robot branding is fucked wicked. Very very tasty. looks like a badass service too.

All round, I figure this was worth waiting for :)

Lachlan HardyLachlan Hardy at 20.05.09 / 22PM

Good to see you blogging Dan! Thanks for not propagating a twitter anti-pattern!

Cameron WestlandCameron Westland at 20.05.09 / 23PM

Nice work, Dan.

mattmatt at 22.05.09 / 11AM

Like the domain name, British Indian Ocean Territory – classy stuff :)

DavidDavid at 24.05.09 / 18PM

Interesting project! Look forward to seeing the progress

LeeLee at 28.05.09 / 21PM

well done :)

RicoRico at 15.06.09 / 10AM

Congratulations, it is a good idea. Respect!

TorstenTorsten at 16.06.09 / 13PM

Great stuff, but is there any way you can upload an album that automatically plays other songs, so people can just click and enjoy hours of music?

Betaclick CEOBetaclick CEO at 27.06.09 / 16PM

Dan great idea / stuff

KlingeltöneKlingeltöne at 29.06.09 / 05AM

nice project dan! keep it up!

cittycatcittycat at 29.06.09 / 13PM

Good Idea.. Congratulations Dan.. like the domain

ZebZeb at 15.08.09 / 03AM

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