@media 2007 Europe Over, @media Ajax Announced

Dan Webb presenting at @media Yep, well that was that. @media Europe went off in the usual excellent fashion and it was an excellent few days. This years highlight was definitely the quality of the presentations…I learnt really quite a lot of new stuff and usually I learn next to nothing at conferences. Did you know that having more than two asset hosts can have a detrimental effect on download speed? Freaky. Håkon Wium Lie did a hugely informational presentation about CSS3 as well.

My presentation seemed to go down reasonably considering I was up against Andy Clarke’s traditional end of conference slot and that myself and Mark Boulton had an unfortunate clash of presentation analogies (his presentation likened typography to martial arts). The slides are on slideshare so feel free to check them out.

Finally, Patrick announced @media Ajax which I’ve been really excited about for a while. It’s a whole conference in London dedicated to DOM Scripting and Ajax which I’m really happy to be speaking at. I’m going to be presenting on a much more hardcore topic there: Metaprogramming in JavaScript.

And with that the conference season is over and I’ll be blogging about proper stuff again. In fact, this week I’ve got some fairly important stuff to talk about. Keep your RSS readers peeled.

Photo by Drew McLellan.

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Did you know that having more than two asset hosts can have a detrimental effect on download speed?

Was there a reason given for that, or was it just what Y! had found in their testing?

Matthew PennellMatthew Pennell at 11.06.07 / 09AM

@media is coming out with an Ajax library? Sweet! ;)

Dustin DiazDustin Diaz at 12.06.07 / 01AM

Dustin: If we did it would be called EVIL.

Matthew: It’s something from Yahoo’s research that’s probably mentioned somewhere on the YUI blog. Have a dig.

DanDan at 12.06.07 / 13PM

I was also interested in the asset host comment since I’ve been using 4 asset hosts on asset-heavy sites. It appears to be a fuzzy issue and reports around the web say that using 2 to 4 is best.

Some notes from @media 2007 on the topic are here and mention 2: Alastairirc.ac

This article mentions that browsers can download 2-4 assets in parallel: YUIBlog

This mentions that browsers open only 2 connections per host: Ezra Z

topfunkytopfunky at 12.06.07 / 19PM

@media 2007 to coming with an AJAX library is great… nice article

WerbeagenturWerbeagentur at 04.07.07 / 21PM

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6o7c1n0lh76o7c1n0lh7 at 05.07.07 / 22PM

Do you have audio recording of the talk as well? Great talk btw. Very informative and interesting,

asjbasjb at 09.07.07 / 10AM

asjb: Yes, I think there will be…watch this space

Dan WebbDan Webb at 09.07.07 / 10AM

“Yes, I think there will be…watch this space”

I hve 404 error :/

silsil at 13.07.07 / 11AM

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AlextossAlextoss at 29.08.07 / 23PM

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