15 Minutes Of Fame

My dad posted me a DVD of my old band’s only TV appearance today. It’s got me miming in it.

LATEST: Looks like I’m going to presenting at RailsConf 2007 in Portland before moving on to @media is SF, Hong Kong and finally London. May and June are going to be hectic.

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That’s pretty awesome, Dan!

Didn’t know you were an MC.

Cameron AdamsCameron Adams at 02.02.07 / 21PM

FYI: Your old band really rocked!

Johan BergströmJohan Bergström at 03.02.07 / 00AM


Cam: I’m not an MC now. Haven’t done it for years…was good while it lasted though.

DanDan at 03.02.07 / 12PM

That’s ace! Is there any more of your stuff floating about on t’interwebs?

Olly HodgsonOlly Hodgson at 04.02.07 / 11AM

Olly: No, unfortunately not. We were about before there was much music on the interweb (or I knew what I was doing with it) so the only place you find stuff is on CDs or vinyl in murk record shops in Manchester.

DanDan at 05.02.07 / 17PM

Rocking it! Nice one, Dan

Lachlan HardyLachlan Hardy at 06.02.07 / 06AM

Oh my gosh!!!!!

I so remember you guys from my time in Manchester. I remember just being transfixed by that drummer’s mad skills. The funny thing is I probably met you years ago and never realised. Ear Drum was probably one of the best nights in MCR!!!!!

Dan you are a legend!!

James MyersJames Myers at 06.02.07 / 13PM

wow. James just showed me. wicked dan!

L-JL-J at 06.02.07 / 19PM

Wicked. I remember John Peel playing that record.

BTW Dan, I dunno if you remember me, but I did some scratching on a track that you and Kev made long before King Rib. I saw you in the Surgery a few years ago when I was DJing and you did some drunken MCing for a few minutes. Haha.


Steve from StaffordSteve from Stafford at 27.02.07 / 01AM

Steve: Ello mate….it’s been a while! However, I’m still embarassed about that MCing occasion…sorry about that.

DanDan at 27.02.07 / 01AM

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