Nike SB 'Pub Standards'

I like Pub Standards so much I commissioned Nike to make a commemorative colourway. I present to you The Nike SB ‘Pub Standards’...

Me plus Nike SBs with a hangover

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Muchos respectos!!!

Mr BenMr Ben at 16.02.07 / 14PM


Could you use your connections to get a pair in Black and Pink (PeepCode colors). Or even better, a pair of Bapes!

topfunkytopfunky at 16.02.07 / 17PM

Geoff: Try these:

Peepcode Dunks

The pink is a bit off but it ain’t bad. Have a play here.

DanDan at 17.02.07 / 00AM

They are SB Bics by the way…not real Nike Pub Standards :)

DanDan at 17.02.07 / 00AM

The new Bape catalog shows a special colourway sold only in the Osaka store that matches the Pub Standards colors.

Maybe you’ll have to make a stop on the way to @media Hong Kong? ;)

topfunkytopfunky at 18.02.07 / 18PM

topfunky: Ha, so they do. They look good actually.

DanDan at 19.02.07 / 17PM
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