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Thanks Catherine! The real things are on there way in a couple of weeks. Happy Christmas, Peeps.

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Happy Crimbo matey…

Mr BenMr Ben at 25.12.07 / 22PM

A patent tick? Nice! Is that also suade?? If so then double nice!!!

Ross BrunigesRoss Bruniges at 03.01.08 / 09AM

how did you (or Catherine) ordered them? cant customize that much via http://nikeid.nike.com/nikeid/index.jhtml

MasterOfDesasterMasterOfDesaster at 29.01.08 / 12PM

You need to go to a studio in a Nike Town. We went to the ID Studio in London but there are ones in New York, Paris and elsewhere.

In order to get the extra options you need to book and appointment. It’s cool though, you sit down with a design consultant and try stuff out on the computer, look at samples of the materials and stuff. I’d recommend it.

DanDan at 29.01.08 / 12PM

Nice picture. What does look like it? hehehe

SteinStein at 15.02.08 / 03AM

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