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Well, that turned out rather nicely I must say. Really high quality presentations and great attendees – I really hope that Patrick makes it happen again. Here are the slides from my presentation: Metaprogramming JavaScript.

In other news, Low Pro 0.5 is nearly ready to rock. The new version is quite a lot smaller as Prototype 1.6 has solved so many of the things I used to fix with Low Pro. It does however have a few nice new features. Watch this space.

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Thanks for sharing this slidshow. Does a bigger version exist ? On some slide, text are too smal but it’s great anyway

Blog informatiqueBlog informatique at 22.11.07 / 12PM

Blog informatique: If you click on view underneath the embedded show above.

You have the option to watch full screen on the slideshare site..

Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

Jason CaleJason Cale at 22.11.07 / 16PM

Great presentation! One question, what’s the difference between the code on slides 74 and 75?

Aman GuptaAman Gupta at 22.11.07 / 17PM

Already discovered a new Low Pro version in the repository, can’t wait for the official 0.5 realease and the corresponding blog post, explaining all the goodness.

Morgan RoderickMorgan Roderick at 23.11.07 / 14PM

Morgan: It won’t be long now. Just testing at the moment. If you want to give the version in SVN a try and let me know how you go that would be very useful. Thanks.

DanDan at 23.11.07 / 15PM

You rocked, Dan! Great presentation!

Robert NymanRobert Nyman at 23.11.07 / 20PM

The link to DOMBuilder seems to return a 404 currently. Is there any other place I can download it from? (Googling it points back to the same place).

Harish MallipeddiHarish Mallipeddi at 24.11.07 / 03AM


Really enjoyed your presentation, and the whole conference.

Very interesting and well presented. There was stuff in there I didn’t know, and the stuff I did know through self teaching was clarified for me.

If Patrick runs another and I can get the company to fork out I’ll be back.

bugrainbugrain at 26.11.07 / 22PM

Great presentation! I wish I saw it two years ago, when I started learning the language. I ended up discovering by myself many of the things you talked about, but you presented them in a clear and organised way, which was useful. I picked up many good ideas and learned some new things too.

Ion MoregaIon Morega at 27.11.07 / 20PM

Dan: I had the version with the broken onReady, which got me confused for a bit … but a quick update and all is nice!

Where is your amazon.co.uk wishlist, so all of us can send you weird stuff in the mail?

Morgan RoderickMorgan Roderick at 30.11.07 / 20PM

Great presentation – I really enjoyed it! Thanks!

WerbeagenturWerbeagentur at 10.12.07 / 10AM


t529tt529t at 13.12.07 / 23PM

I hadn’t realized JS could do all this. Steve Yegge’s blog post on dynamic languages recently got me interested in rhino and your slides sweetened the deal. Anyhow, thanks for lowpro!

testing123testing123 at 27.12.07 / 23PM

Thanks for sharing some great information there. Functions returning functions, I’ve never seen that before.

JonJon at 28.12.07 / 20PM

Thanks for sharing some great information there. Functions returning functions, I’ve never seen that before.

JonJon at 28.12.07 / 20PM

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