5 Things, That's The Meme, That Meme Again, It's 5 Things

Argh, dammit. It’s 2.15am and I should be sleeping but instead I find myself drawn into this ‘5 Things You Might Not Know About Me’ meme thingy by Pub Standards overlord, Mr Darlow. I’ll try to make this brief and as none-boring as possible.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. When I was about 5 I got bitten by a dog at nursery school. It gave me an infection that very nearly paralised me (or so my mum says).
  2. Back in the day I was a rapper and Drum ‘n’ Bass MC. The band I was in was successful(ish). We got on TV, made a few records and supported some big bands. Most of the members went on to be in Simian.
  3. I won a drawing competition in primary school that I didn’t even enter. It was someone else’s picture but I just took the credit (and the prize) regardless. Evil.
  4. In university a friend at the time hired some thugs to do a drive-by shooting on some gangsters. Harsh, eh? That’s not something about me is it? Oh well. I’ve no idea where that friend is now.
  5. I’ve met Ozzy Osborne, Ice-T and, erm…Lauren Laverne.

And for the bonus: I’ve never voted in any kind of election. I’ve traditionallly been pretty disallusioned with politicians but I’ve been reading loads of Noam recently and I’m getting politicked up so this might change. God knows who I’ll vote for though, they are all arseholes.

Tagging some of the JavaScript Mafia and some London Rails peeps:

  1. Dustin Diaz
  2. Justin Palmer
  3. James Adam
  4. Damien Tanner
  5. James Darling

To those I’ve tagged, I apologise. Don’t feel obliged to carry this plague on.

And finally, if you are in London on thursday, Pub Standards beckons. Partake of the Fat Man In A Box and be merry.

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What was the name of the band you were in then? Sounds interesting.

AnthonyAnthony at 16.01.07 / 10AM

I am your bitch it seems.

James AdamJames Adam at 16.01.07 / 10AM


I think you’ve actually just stolen my meme virginity. You nasty man.

James DarlingJames Darling at 16.01.07 / 12PM

If you’re a Southpark fan, you should watch the episode where Stan is made realized the importance of voting. Hilarious ;-)

PratikPratik at 17.01.07 / 09AM

What a most excellent and worthy petition, that is! I shall sign it immediately.

P.S. that link to my site has two HTTPs. Two for the price of one…

Ben DarlowBen Darlow at 17.01.07 / 17PM

with someone else’s drawing? Good lord webb, he probably deserved it… chat soon boyo and happy new year. I just came on here to see what you were up to. say hi to catherine. cheers ears, seb

SebSeb at 21.01.07 / 00AM

For some reason I think I knew about the dog bite :) Why.. I have no idea. :) See u at SXSW!

CindyCindy at 28.01.07 / 06AM

Chomsky rocks! He is definitely one of the smartest men around, and my guess is that he also doesn’t vote. Instead of giving your vote to an arsehole, I think it’s better not to give it at all (given that you do know what’s going on and you’re not just another ignorant).

Interesting stuff tho, nice read.

Nicolas RNicolas R at 28.01.07 / 16PM

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