@media Goes Global: Europe, America and Asia

It’s just been officially announced. Next year there’s not going to be one @media conference, there’s going to be three! And, hopefully, I’ll be on the trail with Patrick helping out with all of them which should be gruelling but very cool. I’m looking forward to going back to Asia especially. Woo!

Apologies for all this excessive amount of conference related babble on this blog recently, I’ll resume posting real, actual information soon. In other news, since Event Wax development is winding to a close within the next week or so, I’m going to available to take on some more development projects so if you need any help with Ajax, DOM Scripting and/or Ruby On Rails you know where I am. Drop me a line and we can talk about it. More on this later.

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Thats great news man! Only down side is that it’s going to be harder to convince my wife that I need to go to London. :-)

Justin PalmerJustin Palmer at 25.09.06 / 05AM

hmm, unfortunate that it not in Germany takes place :(

A2D Web SolutionsA2D Web Solutions at 25.09.06 / 23PM

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