RailsConf Presentation Slides and Example Code

As promised, here are the slides and example code from my RailsConf presentation.

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Excellent slides, Dan. I’m gutted I (twice) missed what must have been an excellent talk.

Tom WardTom Ward at 18.09.06 / 10AM

Thanks for two great talks, Dan and appreciate the slides. Cheers.

PaulPaul at 18.09.06 / 12PM

great talk, thanks for adding the slides here…makes it easier to pass on my new found knowledge to my co-workers :)

marcusmarcus at 18.09.06 / 16PM

Great presentation. Missed the first one, but caught the second. Many thanks for repeating it

Chris TChris T at 19.09.06 / 12PM

Ha, no problem. I got a free book for my troubles :)

It’s all good practice as well. I’ve got a quite a few more speaking gigs lined up over the next six months so I need all the practice I can get.

DanDan at 19.09.06 / 13PM

It bears mentioning that you rock my planet for coming up with UJS4Rails. Genius. I thought Rails didn’t do this; I was wrong :-)

Antonio SalazarAntonio Salazar at 20.09.06 / 16PM

Great talk, Dan. Really glad you got to repeat it as we were all fighting with each other to get in on the first day!

Thanks for the slides/code and UJS. :)

James AndrewsJames Andrews at 20.09.06 / 21PM

Excellent slides.

I especially liked the Path To Enlightenment slide which summarized it all very, very neatly.

Next step is to get the ball rolling at work to make this a part of our way of doing things.


Jan WikholmJan Wikholm at 22.09.06 / 09AM

Awesome slides man. I’m also disappointed I missed an excellent talk. -----------------------------------------------------
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fulviofulvio at 20.10.06 / 23PM

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