I'm Sorry About This But...

...some things are just too funny. Contrast with this other version.

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Dan’s inner femininity, exposed via crappy web tools!

James AdamJames Adam at 14.12.06 / 12PM

The weird thing is I only get to look like Angelina Jolie if I grimace. Why is that???

DanDan at 14.12.06 / 13PM

In any case, you should be careful when Mr. Pitt visits your hometown ;-)

PratikPratik at 14.12.06 / 14PM

Can I get a desktop pic of you running your fingers through your hair like Rose McGowan?

topfunkytopfunky at 14.12.06 / 16PM

Sweet. Angelina. Good choice :)

Dustin DiazDustin Diaz at 15.12.06 / 00AM

topfunky: absolutely not. That would be very very wrong :)

Dangelina JolieDangelina Jolie at 15.12.06 / 17PM

Hey you got of lightly, my wife looks like Dustin Hoffman.

James McCarthyJames McCarthy at 15.12.06 / 19PM


Damien TannerDamien Tanner at 15.12.06 / 21PM

nice I like, wow wow wee wa:)

JonathanJonathan at 15.12.06 / 21PM

Can I get a desktop pic of you running your fingers through your hair

What hair? :)

Dave VerwerDave Verwer at 22.12.06 / 08AM

It’s your eyebrows and nose that makes it match Angelina.

tdubtdub at 04.01.07 / 04AM

I dunno, I see a young Irvine Welsh.


TjTj at 05.01.07 / 04AM

This things comes up with some very interesting results, I have no idea how I look anything like Eddie Murphy (though was glad not to see Harry Hills mug pop up)


Ross BrunigesRoss Bruniges at 08.01.07 / 15PM

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